University of Tokyo - Department of Architecture

三谷 徹

The laboratory of Landscape Architecture. The spatial and morphological studies in the design of landscape architecture is a matter of concern. Teaching the fundamental knowledge and design skill of landscape architecture for undergraduate architectural students, Toru Mitani, in the graduate course, investigates the design method to reflect the phenomenological specifics of form in landscape that comes out of ecological and geological dynamics. Toru Mitani’s laboratory aims at producing professional landscape architect for establishing the sustainable and harmonious environment.

Modernism in landscape architecture, History of garden design, Landscape cultural heritage, Land-reclamation, Environmental art, Land art, Urban space, Infrastructural space, Forest, River, Coast, Park, Garden

Toru Mitani
Born in Numazu, Shizuoka, Japan
Registered Landscape Architect (2003), Ph. D in Engineering (The University of Tokyo 1992), Master of Landscape Architecture (Harvard Graduate School of Design 1987)
Practice in design: Established ‘studio on site’ in Tokyo (1998-present), after the practice in Office of Peter Walker and Martha Schwartz (1988-89), Sasaki Environment Design Office (1989-1997).
Teaching history: The University of Shiga Prefecture (1995-2002), Chiba University (2003-2020), The University of Tokyo(2020-present)
Kaze-no-Oka(Oita 1997), Shinagawa Central Garden(Tokyo 2002), Okutama Forest Therapy Trail(Okutama 2010), Landscape for Kashiwanoha Campus Station area(Chiba 2014), Grandvaux Spa Village(Chiba 2020), and more.
‘Earthworks and Beyond ’(translation, Kajima Publishing), ‘Modern Landscape Architecture’ (translation and author, Kajima Publishing), ‘Design of Place ’(editor and author, Shokokusha Publishing), ‘Modernism in Landscape Architecture’ (co-author, Kajima Publishing), and more.