University of Tokyo - Department of Architecture

Tetsuya Sakuma

Specialty: Sound Environment / Architectural Acoustics / Noise Control / Living Environment

He is studying on living environments in buildings and urban spaces, especially the sound environment, its current state, prediction/evaluation methodology and design/control technology. Capturing issues such as architectural acoustics, noise/vibration, communication, and soundscape, from the basic aspects of physics, psychology and physiology to social and cultural aspects, he is aiming to create a truly desirable sound environment. Furthermore, through comprehensive assessment of living environment and understanding of residents’ consciousness and behavior, he is exploring the future living environment and lifestyle from the perspective of comfort, health, safety, convenience and sustainability.

Short Biography
Born in Osaka prefecture in 1968. He received B. Eng. in 1991, M. Eng. in 1993, Dr. Eng. in 1996 from The University of Tokyo. After working as research associate at Niigata University, he has been running the Environmental Acoustics Laboratory at The University of Tokyo since 1998.

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