University of Tokyo - Department of Architecture

Hideki Yoshioka

Research Interests: Fire Engineering for Buildings, Urban Fire Safety.

Specialized in Fire Engineering for Buildings, researches have been conducted from the viewpoints of fire behavior of materials/construction, toxicity of fire effluents, improvement of fire testing and simulation, and mitigation of urban fire spread, etc. The exact research projects recently involved have been listed as follows:

1.Fire spread of combustible facades of buildings, including high-rise buildings such as Grenfell Tower in London.
2.Sustainability of Fire-retardant-treated woods installed at building facades.
3.Fire safety of sandwich panel products applied for building interior.
4.Countermeasures for the fires caused by hot works (welding or gas cutting) during building construction.
5.Evaluating toxicity of fire effluents generated during the building fires, and its application for evacuation planning.
6.Enhancement of small-scale fire testing technology for improving the accuracy of measurement.
7.Improving the validity of simulation of large fires using CFD models and small-scale tests data.
8.Detailed analysis of large urban fire spread caused by either major earthquake or high wind.

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The University of Tokyo Excellent Young Researcher

Bilateral Cooperation between Japan and USA:
“Experimental Analysis and Development of Accurate Simulation for Massive Fires of Building Facades”