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Yasushi Ikeda Laboratory

We research the future of architecture and cities from the perspective of architectural informatics, which co-evolves the creation, construction, and experience of artificial environments in the digital information society.
Research Theme : Architectural informatics

The evolution and permeation of information technology in contemporary society has had a fundamental impact not only on the way we experience, create, and construct artificial environments, but also on their value and even meaning.
Architectural Informatics sees the evolutionary potential of “architecture as an information medium” in the following aspects


Based on these perspectives, we research innovative architectural and urban design and its implementation methods through practical projects.
(The following projects were conducted at the Yasushi Ikeda Laboratory at Keio University SFC)

Sustinable Digital Wood

We are developing a susaunable digital wood architecture digital wood construction for the construction of a circular economy that references traditional woodworking methods but assumes the non-homogeneous nature chamber of wood and its workability recyclability.

3D-printing Parametric Concrete Unit Construction

we are also working on highly complex modular construction methods that take advantage of the freedom of shape provided by 3D printing concrete

Collective Urbanism with organized Location data

This project is developing a cyber-physical system for fostering a sense of shared participation among local residents, as in a community development workshop, as a game application that uses GPS location information.
This consensus-building system, which reflects the collective will of humans, aims to make spontaneous, democratic, and rational use of rapidly developing urban activity data.

Exploring Architectural Design through Digital Construction

This project being conducted from various angles to seek new design possibilities coming back from the application of digital technology in fabrication and assembly techniques

Analysis and Design of Discrete Crowd Behavior in Architecture

This project seeks to analyze the complex and discrete behavior of crowds in freely trafficked urban public spaces in relation to their spatial geometry. It aims to refine behavioral simulations with dynamic visual information models using automatic recognition data from surveillance camera images, and to apply them to spatial design.

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Light weight Pop-up Origami Roof

We are researching kinetic architecture that changes its shape as an application of digital design and fabrication. This is a project that avoids wind loads and allows for lightweight construction by only erecting the structure when necessary.
(coop with Y.Shimoda and S.Hayashi)

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Augmented reality to support wood construction

This project aims to support the construction of more complex configurations by presenting information using augmented reality to assist in the construction of typical wooden structures that use hardware for joints. The project aims to be used practically with benefits such as preventing mistakes when installing components and finding safe and efficient construction plans.


Principal Investigator:Yasushi Ikeda
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