University of Tokyo - Department of Architecture

Yasuhara Lab

Develop new spaces and design methods,
through observation of social change.
Research Theme

The role of architectural design is not just to design the shape of architecture. Architects are required to create and propose new architectural spaces, which respond to new social demands or drive social changes. These should be discovered being inspired by various factors such as social institutions, urban contexts, structural/ environmental technologies. Our laboratory is going to develop new spaces and design methods, through relationships to research about local communities and practical project of architectural design.

Research about activity in public spaces.

In public spaces created by architecture, we research and analyze activities in domestic and international case studies and apply them to the development of design methods.

Activity Survey at Ibirapuera Park (Brazil)

Research about the spatial property of contemporary wooden architectures.

With the rapid increase in the number of wooden buildings around the world, we are theoretically exploring the spaces created by wooden architecture and open up its contemporary possibilities.

Gunma Agricultural Technology Center (SALHAUS/2013) © Noriyuki Yano
Ofunato Fire Department Sumita Precinct (SALHAUS/2018) © Mitsumasa Fujiduka

Research about ways of renovation for existing architectures.

Through research and analysis of renovation cases in Japan and abroad, we are exploring new methods of preservation and rehabilitation design that utilize existing building stock as an urban resource.

Ogiya Ryokan (SALHAUS/2012) © Noriyuki Yano
Moriguchi City Library (SALHAUS/2020) © Noriyuki Yano

Research about units in an apartment building and collective forms of them.

Through researching, analyzing, and proposing urban housing assemblages, we are deepening our exploration of community and architectural logic of the part and the whole.

Pilot project to build ultra-low-cost housing in Myanmar (Yasuhara laboratory/2019)


RC Haus Project (Yasuhara laboratory + Gondo Laboratory/2021-)


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Principal Investigator:Motoki Yasuhara