University of Tokyo - Department of Architecture

Tajiri Laboratory

Realization of a safer and more secure society through the sophistication and rationalization of seismic design of buildings

Research Theme

Our research interest is to improve seismic performance of reinforced concrete buildings. A wide range of research on evaluating structural performance, estimating earthquake response, and developing structural design method for reinforced concrete structure is conducted with experiments, analyses, and field surveys. We focus on damage mitigation and control under major earthquakes, design methodology for preventing collapse under extreme earthquakes, and improving analysis method for estimating earthquake response.

Research on seismic technology for unexpected disasters

In recent years, damage to buildings due to unexpected disasters has been scattered, but there are many buildings that can avoid damage due to unexpected disasters. This is partly because the design that evaluates the safety level of the building against unexpected events has not been performed, and we aim to establish a safety level evaluation method and a design method for improving the safety level.

Technology for mitigating building damage during an earthquake

In recent years, there have been many cases of earthquake damage that have survived collapse but are severely damaged, making continuous use difficult and forcing rebuilding. We aim to develop damage evaluation, reduction, and control technology in order to maintain the function and extend the life of the building.

Analysis and improvement of current seismic design methods

The current seismic design method has been improved based on the earthquake damage and research results so far, but many unexplained and irrational problems still remain. We aim to solve these problems one by one and propose rational design methods that meet modern needs.


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Principal Investigator: Seitaro Tajiri