University of Tokyo - Department of Architecture

Building Material Lab - Noguchi Lab

Manufacturing and Material Development
Based on “Architectural Genetics”
Research Theme

“Architectural Genetics” is a theory that inspect every building down to its chemical and atomic component.
Our reseach is not limited to concrete, but ranges from soil, mycelium, celulose to gels and wasted tiles.


We conduct experiments like on how to mechanically optimize the adobe brick with Bagasse and sugarcane fibre,


and simulate like on Prediction of Flash-over and elapsed time of fire spreading depending on each Material. This simulation is also compared and collated to real-sized experiment


and also, we dive into social implementation. We have already made and practicized a sensor to detect reber corrosion based on our water distribution prediction model.


Concrete Resource Recovery, Vurnarcular, Bio Degradable, non-Destructive Detection, Anti-Fire Simulation, Additive Manufacturing

Current Theme

-Development of a nondestructive detection method for non-corroded sectional area of rebars in damaged reinforced concrete by electromagnetic induction theory
-Distribution Control of Binder Phases and Multi-scale Strength Development Mechanisms in​ Calcium Carbonate Concrete​
-A Material Selection System for RC Cultural Heritage Conservation Authenticity-Integrity Approach​
-Fabrication of High Strength Concrete with Alternative Aggregates
-A study on the development and application of housing materials for displaced people
-Optimization of Mechanical Properties of Adobe Brick for Vernacular Architecture
-Bio-fabrication of an efficient mycelium-based thermal insulation building material
-Numerical simulation and experimental verification in collapse characteristic of sandwich panels during building fire
-Additive Manufacturing of Architectural Windows with Aerogel based on Sol-Gel Process
-Non Destructive Prediction of Water Destribution around reber
-Clarification of Deterioration process of Vinyl-Chloride

For more Detail: BME Lab.
Principal Investigator:Takafumi Noguchi