University of Tokyo - Department of Architecture

About Score proof of English language

(28th May 2023)
The English test official scores obtained by the time of submission will be considered valid. (Please allow sufficient time to take the examination.) For TOEFL, examination date of / by 9th July 2023 will be considered valid.

・TOEICのスコアを提出する場合、Institutional Program のスコアも有効とする。

(17th May 2023)
You may send your official scores more than once, but the scores submitted at the time of application will be valid.
Scores taken by the time of application will be considered accepted. Please plan ahead to allow ample time for taking an exam.
If TOEIC scores are submitted, IP online test scores is also accepted with the online printed results.
If TOEIC scores are submitted, Score Report of “Institutional Program” is also accepted.