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Entrance Exam Info. FY 2025

The information on entrance examination to the Department of Architecture 2025 will be announced and updated on this Web site. Please be careful to gain your information. When you visit this web multiple times, please reload this page in order to refresh the cash in your browser.

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2024年10月に入学を希望する方の、第2次試験用修士論文等の提出についての情報を記載しました。 こちらを確認ください。

(1st July 2024)
Regarding the 2025 Doctoral Program Entrance Examination for applicants who wish to enroll in October 2024,
Please check this document.


(1st July 2024)
Regarding the Special Subject II, Group No.1(Design), rules concerning personal belongings are published Link.


(16th May 2024)
Regarding the information about entrance exam, please check the information provided by Graduate School of Engineering. [Link]
In addition, please check the information provided during the guidance held on 12th Apr. 2024. [2024EntranceGuidance]

「別紙:修士課程での研究について」のWord ファイルを公開しました。[LINK](右クリックで保存)


(10th Apr. 2024)
Regarding the “Exhibit: Master’s program research”, if you do not fill the sheet, you may upload 2 pages document which includes your research plan shown in the other A4 sheet.
The word file of ”Exhibit: Master’s program research” is now available. [LINK] (Right click to save)

The word file of “Exhibit 1-7” is now available. [LINK](Right click to save)

(18th Mar. 2024)
Entrance Examination Orientation of Department of Architecture will be held on 12th Apr. 2024 afternoon. The detail will be shown here.

(9th Nov. 2023)
English language test for the entrance examination of Department of Architecture will be based on the official scores of TOEFL only.

The application deadline for the 2025 entrance examinations (doctoral and master’s programmes) will be in early June, one month earlier than the entrance examination conducted in 2024. Please note that.