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Architectural Informatics Guest Lecture Kostas Terzidis

Design designs design

Architectural Informatics. Guest Lecture 3

Date and time: November 25, 2022 (Fri.) 17:30:~
Venue: HASEKO-KUMA HALL, Faculty of Engineering Building 11 map
Host: Yasushi Ikeda Architectural Informatics Research Lab.

The use of AI in design is becoming increasingly advanced. Soon AI might be capable of designing an entire system or building. From a technological perspective, this would be a remarkable development. But would this also lead to the death of the human designer?

Kostas Terzidis is professor at College of Design and Innovation at Tongji University and director of the ShangXiang Lab. He was previously associate professor at Harvard University GSD (2003-2011) and assistant professor at the UCLA (1995-2003). He holds a PhD from the University of Michigan, Masters from OSU, and diploma from Aristotle University. His research is automated design and AI. He is author of numerous academic papers and the sole author of four books: Permutation Design (Routledge: 2014), Algorithms for Visual Design (Wiley: 2009), Algorithmic Architecture (Architectural Press: 2006), and Expressive Form (Spon:2003). Between 2011-2017 he created and ran a startup called Organic Parking, Inc.

Since we have received several requests for this event, we have made it possible to watch the event online.
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