University of Tokyo - Department of Architecture

Exhibition of Architectural Informatics Master Design Studio Works

Venice Biennale Pavilion as Phygital Architecture

Department of Architecture, Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo
Semester A, 2022 Master Design Program
Architectural Informatics Ikeda Studio

Date and time: March 6(Mon.) ~ March 8(Wed.) 2023 10:00:~18:00
Premiere on Sunday, March 5 15:00-18:00 with critics by Marjan Colletti and Javier Ruiz Rodgiguez of UCL Bartlett
Venue: Drafting room, 2F of Faculty of Engineering Building 1 map
Admission free, no reservation required

We are pleased to present an exhibition of the study-result which UTokyo Architectural Informatics Studio has worked on from October 2022 to January 2023, as a collaboration program with the University of London (UCL) PG20 POSTDIGITAL PRACTICE 2022/2023.
These are models of pavilion design proposals based on the new concept of “Phygital”. We believe that today’s world is rapidly becoming a “Phygital” environment, where physical entities and digital data flows are integrally fused.
The Venice Biennale, the world’s premier architecture and art exhibition, is the subject of our architectural design, a cyber-physical system that interacts between human activity and the physical and digital environment.
The seven works in the exhibition are presented as reactive models of various techniques for integrating digital technology with architectural space in order to provide visitors with an experience of Phygital Architecture, which questions the future of architecture in society.

In addition, on Sunday, March 5, after the premier public critique, UCL Bartlett Marjan Colletti will give a special lecture on architectural informatics in collaboration with KEYNOTE for Architectural Informatics WEEK of AIS.

All of the works are published below;

Kanta Akimoto, Giuliano Coppola, Ayano Kikuchi, Kensuke Kikuchi, Chiara VISINTINI, Shaohan Wang, Hannah Yihui Xu

Faculty Advisor:
Yasushi Ikeda (Project Professor)

Tutors on campus:
Sei Hayashi (Project Assistant Professor), Eri Sumitomo (Project Academic Specialist), Arastoo Arastoo Khajehee (Project Academic Specialist)

Organized by:
Endowed Chair in Building Construction Management
Architectural Informatics – Yasushi Ikeda Laboratory

Contact: Architectural Informatics Lab.