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Architectural Informatics Guest Lecture Marc Aurel Schnabel

“Geheimnis” – Interactions in Virtual Building Spaces

Architectural Informatics. Guest Lecture Serious

Date and time: November 16, 2022 (Wed.) 17:30:~
Venue: Room 221, Faculty of Engineering Building 2 map
Host: Yasushi Ikeda, Architectural Informatics Lab.

“Geheimnis” /ɡəˈhaɪmnɪs/ relates to our personal and secret sense-making of our reality. It is the exciting and magical discovery of aspects of connections and relationships to our environment. It is the pocket of security and wisdom that we share to strengthen bonds with friends. Geheimnis discusses our sense-making in virtuality, a place where we can share our magical and secret discoveries. A journey that will take us through Art, Technology, and Society. These demystify the intangible, notions of authenticity, the sensory and the sacred to lift the secret of how virtuality intersects with our reality which is both a unique and continuing realm.

Professor Marc Aurel Schnabel has been the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture & Design Innovation, Victoria University of Wellington. He drives creativity, innovation entrepreneurship that enables innovation, sustainability and cultural responsibility. Trained as an Architect, he leads research in architectural and design technologies. He has worked in Germany, Australia, and Hong Kong for thirty years and is recognised for his research in computational design, augmented and virtual reality, digital heritage, and intelligent cities. He has been the President of global research institutes – ANZAScA and CAADRIA – and curated digital architectural exhibitions, He established ‘ (Digital Architecture Research Alliance)’, connecting professionals and researchers through innovative digital spatial design explorations.

Since we have received several requests for this event, we have made it possible to watch the event online.
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Contact: Architectural Informatics Lab.