University of Tokyo - Department of Architecture

大岡 龍三

The research field of the Ooka laboratory is to develop the prediction, evaluation and control technique of the physical environment of building and urban space. The physical phenomenon to deal with, are air movement, heat transport, substance transport, radiation, etc. The prediction and evaluation technique consists of (1) the development of the engineering models describing the physical phenomena in human life space, (2) the development of the system which predicts various physical phenomena in building and urban space using those models and the development of the evaluation system which evaluate the influence of those predicted results on human, urban and global environment, etc. The optimum design of the environmental control technique is attained by this prediction/ evaluation system.
Main research themes are 1) the prediction and control of urban heat island phenomenon, 2) the elucidation of the energy metabolism and the substance metabolism in urban space, 3) the optimum design of outdoor thermal environment, 4) the management of the natural and the unused energy in building and urban space, 5) the energy-saving system of building and city, and 6) the design and evaluation of sustainable building using the traditional building design technique, etc.