University of Tokyo - Department of Architecture

Kotaro Hirate


In our laboratory, we progress studies with the aim of explaining relations between human being as a starting point and architectural space/environment. In other words, we deal with research objects of wide range scale from indoor space to urban/natural environment, with using the technique that structuralize/model the relations between human evaluation/behavior and physical environmental stimulus/residential environmental information. The concrete contents are as follows.
(1) Research on Architectural Lighting and Visual Environment: We analyze environmental components such as lighting, sunshine, and color, through psychological experiment and simulation, from the viewpoint of environmental physics.
(2) Architectural Environmental Psychology: We deal with problems of architectural/urban environment, through social investigation and field survey, from the multiple/synthetic viewpoint including human behavior/life.
(3) Research on Planning of Architectural and Urban Environment: We carry out practical research concerned with planning of house/welfare facilities/office, and community/district planning, based on the technique of the beginning. You may study by narrowing the subject like landscape, disaster protection, and environmental symbiosis, except for the synthetic viewpoint.
(4) Development of Method of Supporting Design: We systematize a series of techniques, and develop the methods that support design of architectural/urban environment, for example, synthetic evaluation, agreement formation technique, etc.