University of Tokyo - Department of Architecture

Toshiki HIRANO

Toshiki Hirano is a designer and educator based in Tokyo. He is currently serves as director of International Architectural Education Platform at the University of Tokyo where he is project assistant professor.
Hirano’s research and work investigate the new aesthetics in architecture through the use of digital technology and discussions with other fields such as art and philosophy.

2020 – : Director, Project Assistant Professor, International Architectural Education Platform, The University of Tokyo
2017 – 2020 : Assistant Professor, The University of Tokyo
2016 : Doctor of Engineering, The University of Tokyo Department of Architecture
2012 – 2013 : Reiser + Umemoto, RUR Architecture, DPC
2012 : M.Arch, Princeton University School of Architecture
2009 : B.E., Kyoto University School of Architecture
1985 : Born in Kobe

International Architectural Education Platform, SEKISUI HOUSE – KUMA LAB