University of Tokyo - Department of Architecture

Tomohiro Tachi

Tomohiro Tachi is an associate professor in Graphic and Computer Sciences at the University of Tokyo.
He studied architecture and received his Ph.D. degree in Engineering from the University of Tokyo.​
​He has been designing origami from 2002 and keeps exploring three-dimensional and kinematic origami through computation.
He developed​ ​origami software tools including “rigid origami simulator”, “origamizer”, and “freeform origami”, which are available from his​ ​website.
His research interests include origami, structural morphology, computational design, and fabrication.

Tachi lab tries to understand the relationship between spatial forms and function through geometry and computation to develop deployable structures and functional cellular materials.
The main theme is computational origami and origami engineering; the potential outputs of origami studies include deployable and repeatedly foldable temporary structures and control devices for lighting, heating, and sound.
Topics of research
– Origami engineering
– Computational origami
– Self-assembly and self-folding
– Structural morphology
– Deployable structures
– Computational design and fabrication