University of Tokyo - Department of Architecture

Q&A for Entrance Examination for Graduate School

Q. If I feel ill just before the test schedule, is it possible to take the test on alternative dates?
A. Currently, alternative dates for the test are not scheduled.

Q. Are written examinations given?
A. No written examination is given in this year.

Q. What are the contents of the oral examination?
A. Please check the Guide to the Entrance Examination on the department’s website. We cannot answer any questions about the exam contents. As in the usual years, our department requires graduate students to have sufficient knowledge of architecture.

Q. Is it possible to submit any kinds of scores of English proficiency test?
A. Yes. In addition, no limit on expiration date is given.

Q. How to submit the score of English proficiency test?
A. Applicants must submit the score in addition to other documents to the Graduate School of Engineering, from 1st to 8th, July.