University of Tokyo - Department of Architecture

Q&A for Entrance Examination for Graduate School

Q. Please tell me about the examination result announcement.
A. The results will be announced on the Graduate School of Engineering WebSite on September 10. For details, please refer to the Graduate School of Engineering WebSite and Application Guidelines for the Graduate School of Engineering.

Q. The admission period I filled in the application documents is September. However, due to the novel coronavirus, I can not go to Japan as scheduled before September. Can I change the information of admission time to April next year?
A. Yes, it is possible. Please let us know your decision by 30th August.

Q. How do I know when to start my own oral examination?
A. The proceedings will be explained when you gather at the scheduled time. Please be prepared to take the examination at the appropriate oral examination time.

Q. In the Guide to the Entrance Examination, applicants, who submit scores of English proficiency test, may be exempt from English proficiency assessment during the oral examination. Will it be notified before the oral examination?
A. Notification before the oral examination will not be given.

Q. There are times when I can not attend the connection check for online oral examination on August 20 and 21, because I have an already scheduled appointment.
A. The details of the connection check will be notified to those who have passed the document screening. The date and time will be confirmed at that time and adjustments will be made if necessary.

Q. “Information of Entrance Examination for Graduate School” announces that for applicants who wish to enroll from September 2020 but do not expect to complete their master’s degree course of this department in September 2020, the second examination for the doctoral program will be conducted on the morning of 27th August (JST), and the first examination (oral examination) will be conducted on the afternoon of the same day. The schedule seems to have a mistake.
A. The schedule is correct. The second examination for the doctoral programs is set according to the desired date of admission, etc. Please check the guide to the entrance examination for details.

Q. I have applied to more than one research division, but there is one division that I want to abstain from. In this case, what should I do with my research plan?
A. If you abstain from one of the research divisions, submit a research plan for the division you wish to abstain from with the words, “I am withdrawing from the examination for the ~ division”.

Q. Is there a specified format on the envelope label for mailing the documents required by the Department of Architecture?
A. There is no specified format, but please remember to include your name and address on the envelope.

Q. What can be included in a portfolio for applying Design Research Division and/or Planning Research Division? Can I include works other than architectural design works?
A. In addition to architectural design works, you are allowed to include your creative works, such as product design or artworks. There is, however, one exception: if you are planning to include works produced and developed collaboratively, only architectural design works will be accepted as part of the portfolio for applying Planning Research Division.

Q. Letters of recommendation are required to apply for the doctoral program, but it takes time to receive them from overseas professors. Would it be acceptable to have them send me a scanned PDF and submit it?
A. Submission of scanned letters of recommendation instead of the original is acceptable.

Q. It is difficult to avoid citing my own work when writing a research plan. Will I be disqualified because it will identify the candidate?
A. Citing your own work in relation to your research plan will not disqualify the candidate.

Q. If I feel ill just before the test schedule, is it possible to take the test on alternative dates?
A. Currently, alternative dates for the test are not scheduled.

Q. Are written examinations given?
A. No written examination is given in this year.

Q. What are the contents of the oral examination?
A. Please check the Guide to the Entrance Examination on the department’s website. We cannot answer any questions about the exam contents. As in the usual years, our department requires graduate students to have sufficient knowledge of architecture.

Q. Is it possible to submit any kinds of scores of English proficiency test?
A. Yes. In addition, no limit on expiration date is given.

Q. How to submit the score of English proficiency test?
A. Applicants must submit the score in addition to other documents to the Graduate School of Engineering, from 1st to 8th, July.