University of Tokyo - Department of Architecture

2022 Information of Entrance Examination for Graduate School (Department of Architecture)


The information on entrance examination to the Department of Architecture 2022 will be announced and updated on this Web site. Please be careful to gain your information.

(2st Sep. 2021)
the Interview place and group was revised.

(1st Sep. 2021)
Meeting time has been added to the Interview place and group.

(26th August 2021)
Interview place and group has been posted.
Interview time has been added to the test schedule.
The test room and building entrance are listed in the Campus Map.

(2021年8月25日)専門課題II 第1群 携行品についてを掲載しました。 
(25th August 2021)Item to Bring for Special Subject II Group 1 (Architectural Design
Assignment) has been posted.

(10th August 2021)Test schedule has been posted.

(5th August 2021)“Details about the entrance examination for graduate school” web page is open. Campus map, notice for examination of Architecture Subjects and List of those who allowed to take the test online of Architecture subjects are available. Additional information (schedule etc.) will be announced in the “Details” page and any additions will be announced on this page (2022 Information of Entrance Examination for Graduate School).

(20th July 2021) Second Examination for applicants who wish to enroll from October 2021: Submit applicant’s master’s thesis, or research papers as a substitute for their master’s thesis in PDF format to the Office of the Department of Architecture (office(at) by 4:00 p.m. on Monday, July 26, 2021.

(29th June 2021)Research Plan Documents Submission has been posted.

(28th June 2021)Application for the Online Written Examination format (pdf / word file) has been posted.

(2021年6月24日) 入学志願者案内(建築学専攻)が更新されました。野城智也教授は、2023年3月に退職予定のため、学生の募集を行いません。日本語)
(24th June 2021) The Guide to Entrance Examinations (Department of Architecture) has been revised. Prof. Tomonari YASHIRO will retire in Mar. 2023, and does not accept any student.

(2021年6月2日) 研究計画書書式word版を公開しました。
(2nd June 2021) Research plan format (word file) has been posted.

(31st May 2021)2020 test for entrance examination was uploaded.

(31st May 2021) The list of laboratory websites substituted for the cancelled orientation of examination
(2021年5月31日) 研究計画書書式を公開しました。
(31st May 2021) Research plan format has been posted.
(2021年5月28日) 入学志願者案内(建築学専攻)博士後期課程用が更新されました。
(28th May 2021) The Guide to the Doctor’s Entrance Examinations (Department of Architecture) has been revised.
(24th May 2021) The Application Guideline (Graduate School of Engineering) and the Guide to Entrance Examinations ・(Department of Architecture) have been posted on the website of the Graduate School of Engineering.