University of Tokyo - Department of Architecture

Additional Notes for Online Oral Examination

Please be sure to confirm the list below, which were already informed to some of the examinees on the connection check.

Print your examination admission card on paper and keep it during your online oral examination.

Be sure to match the name displayed in Zoom and your Examination Admission Card as closely as possible, in order to verify of your identity (If you can install Zoom application, you can change the displayed name by Zoom HP).

3.中国国内から受験し、試験時間にZoomのアプリケーションから接続できない場合は、Zoomウェブクライアント(からの接続を試みること。Zoom ウェブクライアントから接続する場合は、接続時に受験票と同じ参加者名を入力すること。中国国内から受験する場合、現在、Zoomアプリケーションから接続できる場合であっても、Zoomウェブクライアントからの接続も確認すること。
If you are taking the exam from China and cannot connect from the Zoom application at the examination, you must try to connect from Zoom web client ( If you are taking the exam from China, make sure you also connect from the Zoom web client, even if you can currently connect from the Zoom application.

If you have a problem, send an email to the email address below, with your name, examination ID and division.
東京大学大学院建築学専攻 Department of Architecture, Graduate School of the University of Tokyo