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The information on entrance examination to the Department of Architecture 2024 will be announced and updated on this Web site. Please be careful to gain your information. When you visit this web multiple times, please reload this page in order to refresh the cash in your browser.

専攻問い合わせ先 Office Contacts: exam (a)
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会場:工学部1号館1階 11号講義室・12号講義室

受験番号 試験日時 試験会場
214002 1月23日(火) 9:00 11号講義室
214003 1月22日(月) 9:00 12号講義室
214010 1月22日(月) 9:20 11号講義室
214016 1月23日(火) 9:20 11号講義室
214022 1月23日(火) 9:20 12号講義室
214028 1月22日(月) 9:20 12号講義室


We would like to inform you about the Second Examination for the Doctoral Program as follows:
For students enrolled in the master’s course of our department, please check the dates of the examination sessions on the department’s student portal website.
Dates: January 22 (Monday) and 23 (Tuesday), 2024
Venue: Engineering Bldg. 1, 1F, Lecture Room 11, Lecture Room 12

Examinee Number Date and Time Venue
214002 23rd Jan. Tue 9:00 Room 11
214003 22nd Jan. Mon 9:00 Room 12
214010 22nd Jan. Mon 9:20 Room 11
214016 23rd Jan. Tue 9:20 Room 11
214022 23rd Jan. Tue 9:20 Room 12
214028 22nd Jan. Mon 9:20 Room 12

*On the day of the examination, there will be a 15-minute presentation and a 5-minute Q&A session.
*Examination time may vary depending on conditions on the day.


Notice on the Second Examination for the Doctoral Program (Department of Architecture, The University of Tokyo)
We would like to inform you about the Second Examination for the Doctoral Program as follows:
1. Schedule
Monday, January 22 and Tuesday, January 23
(*Detailed dates will be announced at a later date.)
Engineering Bldg. 1, Lecture Room 11, Lecture Room 12
3. Submissions
(1) PDF data of the text of your master’s thesis, etc., (2) Outline of the thesis to be distributed on the day, etc.
4. Deadline: January 15, 2024 (Monday) 16:00
5. Submission details
(For students enrolled in the master’s course of the Department)
Please follow the instructions for master’s thesis submissions provided on the department’s student portal site.

(For applicants who have already graduated from the master’s course of this department, applicants who majored in other departments of this university, and applicants who graduated from other universities)
Please submit your master’s thesis through “My Page” of the Web Application System.
(*Files larger than 10 MB cannot be uploaded. If the file size exceeds 10 MB, please compress the file before submission.

6. Notes
Please prepare about 20 copies of the abstract of your paper (any number of pages, in Japanese or English) for distribution on the day of your presentation.
When uploading PDF files, please clearly indicate your examination number and name in the file name, and distinguish between the text and the abstract.
The presentation will be 15 minutes long, followed by a 5-minute Q&A session.

(18th Aug. 2023)
The detailed information for the entrance was posted here.


(7th July 2023)
Doctoral Program Second Examination for applicants who wish to enroll from October 2023: Submit applicant’s master’s thesis,
or research papers as a substitute for their master’s thesis in PDF format to the Office of the Department of
Architecture (office(at) by 4:00 p.m. on Monday, July 24, 2023.

In addition, applicants who continue from the master’s program of this department and enter the doctoral program must follow the submitting guideline of this department.


(20th June 2023)
“Additional documents required by each department” was updated.

修士課程の試験日について修正がありました。口述試験が8月31日(木)9:00-14:00 から9月1日(金)9:00-14:00に変更になりました。(リンク)
(8th June 2023)
Master course examination schedule has been changed. Oral examination is moved from 31st Aug. (Thursday) 9:00-14:00 to 1st Sep. (Friday) 9:00-14:00. (Link) 

(6th June 2023)
The Notice for Examination is uploaded. Please download and check it.
Notice for examination (Right click to save.)

(28th May 2023)
The English test official scores obtained by the time of submission will be considered valid. (Please allow sufficient time to take the examination.) For TOEFL, examination date of / by 9th July 2023 will be considered valid.

(24th May 2023) Regarding the word file of “Exhibit No. 1: Master’s Program Research” or “Exhibit No. 1: Present research content and Doctoral program research”, if you do not fill the sheet, you can upload one more A4-sheet which includes your research plan.

【別紙1】 修士課程での研究について (右クリックで保存。)
(17th May 2023) The word file of “Exhibit No. 1: Master’s Program Research” is available.
[Exihibit No.1] Master’s Program Research (Right click to save.)

【別紙1】 現在行っている研究内容及び博士課程の研究について (右クリックで保存。)
(17th May 2023) The word file of “Exhibit No. 1: Present research content and Doctoral program research” is available.
[Exihibit No.1] Present research content and Doctoral program research (Right click to save.)

入試説明会は、2023年6月1日(木)14:00~18:30 本郷キャンパス(オンライン併用)にて開催予定です。[詳細]

(17th May 2023)
“About Score proof of English language” is available.
An entrance examination orientation is scheduled for Thursday, June 1, 2023, from 14:00 to 18:30 at the Hongo Campus (Online combination).[HP]

工学系研究科のホームページに募集要項(工学系研究科)と入学志願者案内(建築学専攻)が掲載されました。 日本語

(16th May 2023)
A list of lab contact information and website is available.
The Application Guideline (Graduate School of Engineering) and the Guide to Entrance Examinations ・(Department of Architecture) have been posted on the website of the Graduate School of Engineering. (English)
An entrance examination orientation is scheduled for Thursday, June 1, 2023, from 14:00 to 18:00 at the Hall of Engineering building 11, Hongo Campus.

TOEIC スコアについては,デジタル公式認定証のプリントアウト書類の郵送でも可とします。
(29th April 2023)
Regarding TOEIC score, printed ”Digital Official Score Certificate” can be accepted.


(26th April 2023)
English language test for the entrance examination of Department of Architecture will be based on the official scores of TOEFL, IELTS, or TOEIC submitted by the applicants (our faculty recommends TOEFL). The English language score must be uploaded and received by 5th July 2023.