University of Tokyo - Department of Architecture

Shinsuke Kato


The major field of the Kato Laboratory is environmental control engineering for building and urban technology based on both experimental techniques and numerical simulation methods. Methods for predicting and controlling physical properties such as air flow, heat and pollutant diffusion and lighting through urban regions, around building complexes, and within rooms are studied. Methods for controlling the physical environment of humans are studied from the view point of safety in disasters like fire and also from the view point of health and comfort in daily life.
Recent Research Topics: In recent years, prediction methods using CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) based on mathematical models of turbulent flow have been developed. CFD technique is a very promising method for use in the building and urban technology and it fills the gap between experimental and theoretical methods. Using this CFD technique the coupled simulation of flow, radiation, and conduction phenomena concerned with the building thermal environment has been also developed. The results of these analyses of the physical environments have been used for the practical designs of various new type buildings.