University of Tokyo - Department of Architecture

(終了)2015-16 AUSMIP Presentations 来日中の学生による帰国前成果発表会

The final presentations by AUSMIP students from EU during 2015-2016 will take place at the following date and place. The presentations will be open for everybody to attend. There will be invited lectures by professors from one of the AUSMP partner university L’Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris La Villette (ENSAPLV).

・Data: 19th July, (Tuesday), 2016
・Place: Lecture room No.15 in the Department of Architecture,
   Todai Hongo Campus, Engineering Building No.1.

15:40 Presentation schedule by AUSMIP students in Japan 2015-16
15:40 Nelly Torcal, TodaiGSE (ENSAPLV)
16:00 Vincent Dellac, Chiba dai(ENSAPLV)
16:20 Fabian Bisig, TodaiGSE (KU Leuven)
16:40 Arian Schelstraete, TodaiGSE (KU Leuven)
17:00 Rugile Ropolaite, TodaiGSFS (KU Leuven)

17:15 Invited Lecture by Professors from ENSAPLV
Professor Marc Bourdier(ENSAPLV)
Professor Gerald Gribé(ENSAPLV)
Professor Pierre Bouché (ENSAPLV),

*List of Attending Professors
Professor Bruno Peeters (KUL)
Professor Marc Bourdier (ENSAPLV)
Professor Gerald Gribé (ENSAPLV)
Professor Pierre Bouché (ENSAPLV)
Professor Akiko Okabe (UT-GSFS)
Professor Kaname Yanagisawa (Chiba-U)
Professor Shinchen Zhao (Kyudai)
Professor Shuichi Matsumura (UT-GSE)
Professor Koichi Kato (UT-GSE)
Professor Kaori Fujita (UT-GSE)